DevOps Certification

Enroll for DevOps Foundation Certification Training course to learn all DevOps concepts & best practices online and become a certified professional. As part of the DevOps training, you can customize your selection with market trendy tools. The DevOps & Agile will bring enterprise DevOps training to the market along with certification.

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Why DevOps Certification soon?

42% of IT pros surveyed had adopted or planned to adopt DevOps development approaches according to InformationWeek’s DevOps Survey. That number grew with 66% of U.S. companies using DevOps approaches by the time of a Rackspace survey only ten months later. With the DevOps way of doing things clearly taking over the coder’s realm, most programmers will eventually have to yield to and master this mindset.

Successfully passing the project evaluation, consisting of real time scenarios and other assignments, leads to the DevOps Foundation Certificate. The certification is governed, administered and maintained by the SCMGALAXY. The DevOps Foundation Certificate will be the pre-requisite for future DevOps certification courses.