Behavior Driven Development Training and Courses

This course offers a comprehensive, arms-on introduction to behavior driven improvement via interactive discussions, multimedia content, palms-on physical activities and quizzes. We’ll exhibit the BDD Rhythm. Additionally discover the rules of BDD with the assist of numerous styles, techniques and your programming language unique BDD equipment

About Course

  • Understand how the whole team collaborates around scenarios to support development
  • Learn to drive the development (design and implementation) of a User Story using BDD.
  • Collaboratively define scenarios that refine and clarify user stories.
  • Discover improved confidence & increase in development speed by writing behavior first.
  • Learn various techniques and strategies to write acceptance criteria for your user stories.
  • Practice key techniques to collaborate between business and tech to flush out scenarios, which helps your team
  • Deliver business value faster.

Target Audience
Primary: Product Owners, Business Analysts, Sr. Programmers, Architects, Testers
Secondary: Technical Managers, Technical Writers, User Experience Designers

Course Level
Beginner to Intermediate

Course Prerequisites
Required: solid hands-on understanding of the life-cycle of software projects
Highly Recommended: some understanding of OO concepts and an OO language

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