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We offer a complete training program and Corporate consulting on Agile, DevOps/CI/CD, Big Data, Data Science, Full Stack Development and Testing in a range of technologies, Automated testing, including Chef/Puppet, Docker and Vagrant official site.

DevOps is a term to describes the foundation and operational aspects of producing software (e.g., environment setup, software containers, automated testing, continuous integration, continuous deployment). Devops incorporates a lot of lean principles, focusing on improving the collaboration between developers and operations folks.

Agile is the 12 guiding principles of the Agile Manifesto for producing software. The best developers have incorporated the principles in their day to day work.

Our Vision
The Agile and DevOps (powered by scmGalaxy) is our vision to help transform frameworks worth of effort under. Some of our hot topics in this regard include Agile Process & Development, DevOps Consulting, DevOps Corporate Training and Development, Test Driven Development and Behavior Driven Development.

Combining DevOps with Agile development methodologies can deploy more apps than traditional software development. As assessment of people, process and technology is needed to identity the organisation specific training, tools and accelerators for adopting Agile and DevOps best practices.

Agile Your Way
Our philosophy of agile adoption is certainly one of pragmatism vs. Faith and dogmatism. In place of prescribing a unmarried approach or method, we have been the primary to offer our customers a choice of customized method templates. Our merchandise offer a sequence of simple, point-and-click on configurations for tailoring the system to align along with your very own precise strategies and terminology. In live performance with our industry leading UI, organization huge adoption is streamlined, dramatically lowering related consulting and training prices and minimizing shelfware chance.

We Are at Agile and Devops!
Our success is due to our employees’ attitude, skills, and commitment. Every single day we work hard to make a difference both in our community and with our customers. Our core values, based on establishing and delivering as a team against very high standards, represent the hallmarks upon which the company is based.

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